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Felt is a fabric made of wool fibers or animal hair matted together by steam and hand pressure without spinning, weaving or knitting. It is bonded together through the use of moisture, heat, soap and friction or pressure. Nepalese felt is handmade with sheep woll. It is matted wool by using hand pressure and soap water. It is not knitted cloth. The fibers are dyed to get require colors. It is dyed with hand and after completion of the coloring process our skilled workers compress the wool by hand with the help of soap and hot water. Thus, it can be of any color, shape or size. The shaping is done by hand without sewing or patching. No chemicals are used during the process. It is very popular in the world and made only in Nepal since centuries in the remote Himalayan villages.

It is also described as a mass of matted raw lamb’s wool. This raw wool is first carded and then dyed into different colors as desired in different forms for the final product.

In Felt products most employees are women from remote villages of Nepal. Our products range from Felt bags, Shoes, Purses, Balls, Ear rings, Mufflers, Hair bands, Hand bands, Key rings, Necklaces etc.

Ear ring

Hair band

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We have displayed few samples for general viewing in this website. Please contact us for more design and price of the products before you place your order.