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Hemp is an indigenous plant which regenerates quickly after harvesting and does not require any fertilizer or chemical input for its growth or during process. It has been a basic raw material for making most of the textiles needed by a household in the mountain regions of Nepal since pre-historical period. It has been used for generations in the hills. The plant is prized as a fiber because of its strength and durability. Hemp is nature’s longest, strongest, and more durable fiber. Hemp seed oil is one of the healthiest oil for our body and has medical values. It is one of the oldest crops domesticated by man and grows wild in the remote jungles of Nepal.

Production of hemp begins with soaking of the plant called Cannabis Sativa. After soaking, it is boiled with ash to naturally bleach it and make it soft. After drying on the rocks in the Sun, the product is spun into harder than the nettles. This product is very strong and durable. Moreover, it is stronger than cotton. The hemp fabric is woven and cloth is tailored items of clothing like Bags, Hats, Belts, Wallets & Purses, Bracelets and Slippers, etc.
Hemp bags

Hemp Belts

Hemp bracelets

Hemp Hats

Hemp Key & Wallet holders

Hemp Purses & Wallets

Hemp Slippers

We have displayed few samples for general viewing in this website. Please contact us for more design and price of the products before you place your order.