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Metal Craft
Metal craft is one of the major handicrafts of Nepal and produced totally by hand with the traditional technology like hand hammering and hand casting. Making metal images is a very old art in Nepal. Sculpting metal is a lengthy procedure that requires great skill. Metal statue are in Nepal has been dated back to the 7th century A.D. This art is most ancient art in Nepal and is one of the most advanced and appreciated art. The history of metal works and artifacts of Nepal is believed to be very ancient. This art has been practiced by our forefathers and we have been working in this field to make it renowned all over the world. The historic monuments created by our ancestors are scattered throughout and beyond Nepal.

•Process of metal statue making, using lost wax method is one of the oldest and finest methods of statue crafting in Nepal. These are produced with the lost wax method of casting. This method of casting is done by preparing a wax model, covering it with varieties of clay, heating the piece so that the wax is melted , extract the liquid wax so that cavity is created , pouring metal into the cavity , cool it and the original model is translated into the metal image. The metal image out of the casting is very rough. Rough image is then made smooth chiseling is done to bring precision. The metal statue is then painted as per the specifications of religion or as per the request of the client. This complicated job requires an artist's conception, proper technology, an engineer's perfection and the skillful hands of a craftsman.
  Our metal workers in Nepal used copper and bronze as well as other metals for casting and gilding jewelers, making cons and setting crystals, coral and gems. By the 10th century, metal art is believed to have surpassed stone in quantity and demand. We produce wide range of metal crafts such as Statues, Bracelets, Singing bowls etc.

Metal Bracelets

Metal statues

We have displayed few samples for general viewing in this website. Please contact us for more design and price of the products before you place your order.