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Nepali Paper
Nepalese handmade paper is primarily made of Lokta raw material and is also known as Lokta paper. This raw material is a bark of Daphne Cannabin or Papyracea- a small woody plant of Laurel family which is called as Lokta. Lokta grows and exists at an altitude of 2000 to 2700 meters in the Nepali mountain area. October is the best season to collect the bark of Lokta. Lokta is a native Himalayan regenerative plant. Many more items like banana leaf glue/dust, tree leaves’ dust, green leaf, nettle leaf, hemp fiber etc. can be mixed with Lokta to make it rough and attractive texture.

The production process of Lokta paper starts with peeling off the outer bark of Lokta and washing in fresh water. It is then cut into smaller pieces and put in boiling water to become soft. After that it is kept on a plane and flat stone for beating with wooden hammer to a homogenous paste. The paste is washed in fresh and cold water to be evenly spread onto cotton frame. Cotton frame is floated in the pond. As soon as the pulp is put over the frame, the frame gently shaken and then taken out from the pond. Lastly, the frame with the layer of the pulp is left to dry in the Sun. After some Sunny hours, the Lokta paper is collected.

The oldest available manuscripts and Buddhist texts, Royal edicts and legal documents are centuries old and always having recorded on this paper. This sort of paper looks peculiar, soft, light, smooth and excellent. It is long- lasting, durable, strong and easily foldable. It is easy to dye to get desired colors and ideal production without any machines in entire process. Our products of Lokta are Note books, Photo albums, Stationary sets, Bags, Boxes, Photo frames, Lamp shades, Paper sheets etc.

Lamp Shades

Note books

Paper bags

Paper Sheets

Photo Albums

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Stationary sets

We have displayed few samples for general viewing in this website. Please contact us for more design and price of the products before you place your order.