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Pashmina is the underbelly fur of Himalayan goat that lives in the high altitude Himalayan region of south Asia. Pashmina is the traditional name for the very finest grade of cashmere wool. Because of its unique softness and comforting warmth, pashmina is also known as the king of fabric. This cashmere comes exclusively from the underbelly of the Capra Hircus goat which is locally called ‘CHYANGRA’, in the most regions of the Himalayas around and above 10,000 feet from the sea level. The goat is blessed by nature with unique very thin short inner coat of hair which is the best insulation in the world and this inner coat of hair is Pashmina. The Himalayan goat is survived because of this nature gifted hair in the coolest weather. The pashmina wool is collected every spring from the mountain goat. One woven pashmina shawl requires the wool from three goats and is basically spun by hand.

Pashmina is a fine trendiest fashion fabric of modern era. Its wool is also known for the softest, most luxurious and the best quality throughout the world. It is so softness and hand-made product.

The process of making pashmina is done completely by hand in its entire process. At first, the pashmina wool is collected from the mountain goat Chyangra and then spun by hand. The yarn is spun on a spinning wheel locally called ‘CHARKHA’. The pashmina yarn is too fragile, therefore the weaving of the traditional 100% pashmina shawls are done on handlooms. After weaving fringes and designs takes hours to make extra beauty to pashmina shawls and other pashmina products by our highly skilled craftspeople of Nepal, of which most are women. After pashmina products are hand woven, they are dyed individually with metal free natural colors. Pashmina wool is exceptionally absorbent, and dyes easily and deeply. It is then washed, dried, packed and ready to be shipped.

Since making of pashmina products is a pain staking artistic and time consuming process therefore the quality and price of pashmina products are incomparable to other garments or fibers. Origin of pashmina in Nepal started long back. The mountain people of Nepal had to depend on the fabric they wove for warmth, for easy travel and for survival. In many high mountain areas and semi-tropical jungles, they continued to weave for their perfect protection and comfort wear. Each pashmina product is gloriously hand spun and woven in our workshops on traditional handlooms by the skilled hands of our local craftsmen. Pashmina products are recommended not to store in cedar trunks or closets. Professional dry cleaning is the best way to care pashmina. Cleaning them in washing machines can distort the shape and the quality of the garments. We offer wide variety of Pashmina make wears like Shawls, Stoles, Mufflers, Scarves, Sweaters, Blankets etc. with different colors and design heavily on artistic decoration.



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