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Silver Jewellery
The production of Nepalese silver Jewellery has been an ancient tradition based predominantly on Caste and Culture. These silver jewelleries are manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen all by hand. We use only sterling silver (92.5% pure silver) in our traditional jewellery. In many lands handmade silver filigree jewelry is a lost art, but in the side-streets of Kathmandu, Nepal this ancient tradition lives on. Specializes in this painstaking craft among the silversmiths of Kathmandu, Nepal produce highly detailed masterpieces in according to our original designs.

Production begins with buying silver and melting it on the oven. Then we five it different shapes and sizes as the items required by hammering, filling, hand carving, saw blade cutting, wire works and with sand casting techniques. Before setting stones we put it in to the acid to remove the dirt. And then we rub rough hairbrush in to the items to remove rough lines made by tools and wash in the warm water with detergent powder. After drying up on the sunlight, we polish to make the items clear and set the stone on it. At last we use very precious polish to make the items bright and attractive.

Each design represents a symbol of our culture, mythology, art and hidden history of Buddhism, Hinduism and the development of civilization with Easter philosophy. Each piece is individually checked and packaged according to the client’s specification. However, if you would like us to manufacture your own design, we will keep and produce a design exclusively for you. Prices are calculated based on average stone casts and on the cost of a variety of different stones blended with the silver design. Our jewellery product includes Pendants, Ear rings, Finger rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Chains, Gift items etc.


Ear Rings

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We have displayed few samples for general viewing in this website. Please contact us for more design and price of the products before you place your order.